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My Work

I am a technology leader who enjoys helping organizations adopt modern software development, product and project management practices.

Currently, I am Vice President of Defense Services at Skylight.

Previously, I was at 18F, and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

  • I like to manage with four guiding principles.

    Listen to the user

    Create a culture that allows the team to deliver their best work

    Recruit the best people, and retain them by ensuring they are always challenged

    Remove barriers to people doing their work
  • I have experienced the full product cycle.

    My time at CFPB and 18F have given me experience with:

    Developing high-level product strategy

    Management of diverse technological teams,

    Hands-on experience with software development.

  • I am an advocate for technology for good.

    Modern software development practices such as agile development, devops, user centered design, and a minimal approach to product development

    Continuous improvement

    Modern technology management practices.